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Financial Incentives

Gallia County has financial assistance available to assist with business expansion, job creation, and capital investment in Gallia County.  Additionally incentives can be used to leverage incentives and financial assistance from state and federal sources. Below you will find additional information on available programs that foster economic growth and development.

Local Assistance

Economic Development Grants

  • $200,000 in competitive grant funds are now available through the Southern Ohio Agricultural and Community Development Foundation (SOACDF) for job creating projects in the SOACDF’s nine county region. Public non-profits, political sub-divisions, and private sector business/ industries with job creation/ retention as a component may apply. SOACDF funds may be used for 1) Capital improvements, fixed assets or land acquisition where the end purpose is for manufacturing, distribution, warehousing or health care. 2) Certain technology, Research & Development, and /or innovating project types that foster job creation or retention and are not deemed too speculative in nature 3) Capital improvements in public or non-profit owned marketable industrial/ commercial properties that foster job creation or retention. SOACDF can provide grants for up to a maximum of 35% of total project costs based upon job creation or retention.  A maximum of up to $10,000 can be awarded for each year round full time job created or retained. Projects ineligible for funding include retail point of sale (excluding agribusiness), lodging, restaurants, day care facilities, personal care businesses, and others as defined by SOACDF. The complete Economic Development Grant Application Handbook can be found at

Job Creation Incentives

  • The City of Gallipolis' Job Creation Incentive Program is to encourage economic growth in the City of Gallipolis. The core objective of the program is to promote and expand economic growth and vitality of the City of Gallipolis. Growth will be achieved by focusing on new growth, through business retention and/or expansion efforts and new business recruitment to the City of Gallipolis. Learn More

Job Training Funds

  • On-the-Job Training is a federally- funded program that helps employers hire and train individuals for long-term employment. Through OJT Programs, employers may be reimbursed up to 50 percent of wages earned by the eligible new trainees while they learn the job, up to $8,000. Learn More

Regional Loan Programs

  • Appalachian Growth Capital (AGC) is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) being formed as a new subsidiary of Appalachian Partnership Inc. AGC will serve the 32 Appalachian-designated counties in Ohio.  AGC partners with banks, local loan funds and small business service providers to more fully meet credit needs of small and mid-sized businesses. 

  • OVRDC Revolving Loan Fund offers assistance to businesses looking to expand or start up in our region through GAP funding program. Learn More

Our economic development team and community leaders are ready to help you solve your financial challenges making your project a success.  Contact us today for more information. 

JobsOhio Loan and Grant Programs

Ohio’s competitive and profitable business environment makes it easier for companies to expand and land here with solid financial footing. Ohio's strategic location and pro-business climate brings together a full range of benefits from low-cost access to customers and a comprehensive supply chain to streamlined regulatory processes and assistance programs that align with a growing company’s financial needs.

  • JobsOhio Growth Fund

    The JobsOhio Growth Fund provides capital for expansion projects to companies that have limited access to capital and funding from conventional, private sources of financing. JobsOhio will consider loans to companies that are in the growth, established or expansion stage, and that have generated revenues through a proven business plan.

    The JobsOhio Growth Fund’s loan decisions are based on a number of project factors, including but not limited to job creation, additional payroll, fixed-asset investment commitment, project return on investment, and project location.  Learn More

  • JobsOhio Workforce Grant

    The JobsOhio Workforce Grant was created to promote economic development, business expansion, and job creation by providing funding for the improvement of worker skills and abilities in the State of Ohio. Grant decisions are based on a number of project factors, including but not limited to job creation, additional payroll, fixed-asset investment commitment, project return on investment, and project location. Learn More

  • JobsOhio Economic Development Grant

    The JobsOhio Economic Development Grant was created to promote economic development, business expansion, and job creation by providing funding for eligible projects in the State of Ohio. Grant decisions are based on a number of project factors, including but not limited to job creation, additional payroll, fixed-asset investment commitment, project return on investment, and project location. Learn More

  • JobsOhio Revitalization Program

    The JobsOhio Revitalization Program is focused on helping revitalize sites in preparation for end-users that support future job creation opportunities for Ohioans. The program, comprised of both loans and grants, is available to public and private entities seeking to cleanup and redevelop sites across Ohio. Learn More  

State Tax Credits and Abatement

  • Job Creation Tax Credit

    The Job Creation Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit to companies generally creating at least 10 new jobs (within three years) with a minimum annual payroll of $660,000 that pay at least 150 percent of the federal minimum wage. The tax credit is measured as a percentage of the state income tax withholdings for all new employees hired under the program, and is applied toward the company’s commercial activity tax liability. Should the amount of the credit exceed the company’s commercial activity tax liability for any given year, the difference is refunded. A business must apply for the credit before committing to the project. Applicants must be approved through the Ohio Tax Credit Authority before hiring begins.

  • Ohio Enterprise Zone Program

    The Ohio Enterprise Zone Program provides real property tax incentives for businesses that expand or relocate in Ohio. To establish an Enterprise Zone, a municipality or county must apply to the Director of Development for certification. To secure benefits, businesses must apply to the local community. Certain qualifying businesses may be eligible for additional benefits.

  • Community Reinvestment Areas

The Community Reinvestment Areas provide companies locating in a designated Community Reinvestment Area an exemption of up to 100 percent of improvement value for up to 15 years on real property taxes. To be eligible, a company must make an agreement with the local community prior to going forward with the qualifying project.

State Loan and Grant Programs

  • Ohio Enterprise Bond Fund

    The Ohio Enterprise Bond Fund provides revenue bond financing through an S&P rated fund, whereby proceeds from the sale of bonds are loaned to companies for fixed-rate, long-term capital asset financing. Rates are market-driven and fixed prior to funding. Loan terms range between 7 to 10 years for equipment and 15 to 20 years for real estate. Up to $10 million in financing is available through the program. Learn More

  • 166 Direct Loan

    The 166 Direct Loan provides loans for land and building acquisition, construction, expansion, or renovation, and equipment purchases for eligible businesses. The program provides low-interest loans up to 40 percent not to exceed $1.5 million. Learn More

  • Innovation Ohio Loan Fund

    The Innovation Ohio Loan Fund provides loans for acquisition, construction, and related capital costs of technology, facilities, and equipment purchases. The fund was created to assist existing Ohio companies in developing next-generation products and services within the state’s Industry Sectors up to 75 percent ranging from $500,000 to $1.5 million. Learn More

  • Research & Development Investment Loan

The Research and Development Investment Loan Fund provides loan financing between $500,000 and $5 million for projects primarily engaging in research and development activity. Rates are fixed (at-or below-market rates) with other loan terms similar to those of commercial bank financing. Companies receive a dollar-for-dollar, non-refundable Ohio commercial activity tax credit for principal and interest payments made during the year up to $150,000 during the loan term. Learn More

  • Roadwork Development (629)

Roadwork Development (629) funds are available for public roadway improvements, including engineering and design costs. Funds are available for projects primarily involving manufacturing, research and development, high technology, corporate headquarters, and distribution activity. Projects must create or retain jobs. Grants are reimbursable and provided to a local jurisdiction and require local participation.


For all programs related to community development, small business, and minority business please reference the Ohio Development Services Agency's website



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