Foreign Trade Zone

Gallia County companies can easily partner with Foreign Trade Zone #138

A Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ or zone) is a site within the United States that is legally considered outside of customs territory, allowing goods to be brought in without formal customs entry.

Because foreign merchandise admitted into a FTZ is considered still to be in international commerce, it may be:

  • Stored or exhibited

  • Repackaged, relabeled or broken into smaller lots

  • Mixed, manipulated or used in a manufacturing or value-added process

  • Transferred into another FTZ with no liability until it leaves the FTZ 

Benefits of Foreign-Trade Zones

The FTZ allows users to:

  • Reduce, eliminate or defer Customs duties

  • Avoid “duty drawback” on re-exported or scrapped merchandise

  • Increase logistics flexibility

  • Move merchandise directly to the factory or warehouse with no clearance delay

  • File Customs entry paperwork weekly rather than on each container.

Gallia County companies can partner with FTZ #138 for obtaining FTZ designation. For more information about FTZ #138, visit or  contact Angie Atwood at 614-409-3622 or

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