$850+ Million Annual Retail Leakage

$850+ Million Annual Retail Leakage

Take advantage of the abounding retail opportunities in Southeastern Ohio. Within a 30 mile radius of Gallia County, there is a current Retail Gap of over $850 Million.  View the latest ESRI Report for complete details.  

The Leakage/Surplus Factor presents a snapshot of retail opportunity. This is a measure of the relationship between supply and demand that ranges from +100 (total leakage) to -100 (total surplus). A positive value represents ‘leakage’ of retail opportunity outside the trade area. A negative value represents a surplus of retail sales, a market where customers are drawn in from outside the trade area. The Retail Gap represents the difference between Retail Potential and Retail Sales. 

Strategically located in Southeastern Ohio along the Ohio River, Gallia County, OH is a place filled with historic charm and a progressive eye on the future. Gallia County is an ideal place to call home for both your family and business. Gallia County Economic Development is here to help your business succeed in Gallia County, OH.  Whether you are expanding, relocating or starting up, we are here to provide assistance to your business. We will work hard to leverage partners and resources to make your project a success. 

Gallia County Economic Development welcomes the opportunity to work with your company on expansion and relocation opportunities in our community.  Learn more at www.GrowGallia.com .

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