City of Gallipolis donates $40,000 to Gallia County Marketing Project

City of Gallipolis donates $40,000 to Gallia County Marketing Project

Gallia County Economic Development announced it has received a $40,000 donation (over three year period) from the City of Gallipolis which is helping to support the Gallia County Marketing Project to expand economic development opportunities in Gallia County.

“This project will support economic development efforts, enhancing business attraction and expanding development opportunities in the City of Gallipolis and Gallia County”, said Melissa Clark Economic Development Director. “We greatly appreciate the continued support of the City of Gallipolis for this project”,

The City of Gallipolis has joined other project partners including Gallia County Commissioners, Gallia County Community Improvement Corporation, Gallia County Agricultural Center Board, Bob Evans Farms, and AEP.

“When it comes to creating new jobs, business development is one of the first priorities of the City Commission, and if it is a development in the county, it benefits the city, and if it is a city project, the county is greatly impacted also”, said Jay Cremeens, Gallipolis City Commission President. “The county commissioners are in this with us and by working together, we look forward to improving the possibilities of economic development coming into our community. Exciting times are ahead and we look forward to being a major player.”

Over the next three years, Gallia County will be working with Atlas Advertising, a full-service agency that helps economic developers and communities reach national and international prospect and site selection audiences. Atlas Advertising delivers branding, website development, mapping research, and creative services professionally and with a staff experienced in economic development.

The Gallia County Marketing Plan Project is a goal that emerged during the Gallia County Strategic Planning Project which launched in May 2012. The Strategic Planning Project engaged individuals representing a wide variety of organizations, business groups, and community leaders. Areas of emphasis within the plan include: Business & Economic Development, Infrastructure & Transportation, Building County Capacity, and Gallipolis City Development. Each area has a variety of goals to help achieve the overall vision for the county including recruiting new businesses and jobs, providing broadband internet service, establishing a riverfront amphitheater, and revitalizing the downtown business district.

Businesses and organizations interested in partnering on the project can contact Melissa Clark, Gallia County Economic & Community Development Director, at 740-446-4612 ext. 271 or

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