Creative Program in Gallia County Getting Individuals Back to Work

Creative Program in Gallia County Getting Individuals Back to Work

Gallia County is thinking outside the box and being proactive when it comes to getting citizens back to work. Through a shared services agreement between Gallia County Economic Development and the Department of Job & Family Services, the Job Development program was launched.  

“This program could easily be considered a ‘best-kept secret’ since very little is spent promoting the program’s services, yet the Job Developer has assisted nearly 100 individuals in Gallia County successfully gain employment” said Gallia County Commissioner Harold Montgomery.  

To be delivering such successful job placement numbers, I’m sure you are wondering “What is a Job Developer?”  Essentially, the Job Developer develops jobs for people, all kinds of jobs for all kinds of people, from newcomers to Gallia County, and of course job seekers, from the unemployed as well as the underemployed, with varying skills and experience.  

A successful job developer is one who does far more listening than speaking. A great job developer is like a chameleon, with a natural ability to change to meet the environment’s needs by being adaptive, flexible, creative and savvy. To the job seekers, they are coaches, cheerleaders, advocates, and problem solvers. They ask relevant questions to an employer to gain a sense of the employer’s needs. The Job Developer works to make the employer’s hiring process easier and more successful while assisting individuals in acquiring employment that utilizes their talents to the fullest extent.  

As a benefit to companies, the Job Developer can save employers precious time by screening candidates first, which allows the employer to cut right to the chase – the interview. The key to identifying a solid job opening begins with knowing and understanding the needs and culture of a prospective employer. It is the job developer’s responsibility to learn as much as possible about the employer’s business and operations in order to make an appropriate job match for the job seeker. They acquire detailed information from the employer about the required skill-set for hiring, the employer’s history of hiring job seekers with barriers or no job experience, the starting wage, career advancement opportunities and the benefits. Companies which have utilized the services of the Job Developer include: Bellisio Foods, Asplundh, Wildfire Pipeline Contractors, Murray Transportation, Wrights Tree Service, Hampton Inn and many more.   

Having a pool of employers are essential to the Job Developer. Much time is spent locating, contacting, building and maintaining solid working relationships with employers.  The job developer will send them the best candidates available to establish trust and ensure repeat business from the employer. 

“An important piece to sustaining a healthy economy in Gallia County is to ensure that individuals are working”, Montgomery adds, “and by having the Job Developer work as part of the Gallia County Economic Development Office, their activities significantly assist in the pursuit of economic development job opportunities, as well as job placements”. 

Placement services are offered at absolutely no cost to both the employer and job seeker since the services benefit the citizens of Gallia County. Putting employers in touch with hidden talent, saving them money, and providing consultation/referrals on known employer incentives are a great offer. 

If you are a business or job seeker, and would like learn more how the Job Developer Program can assist you, please contact Anna Jones, Job Developer, at 740-446-4612 ext. 239 or   

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