JB-Nets, LLC, Wireless Internet Provider in Gallia County Plans Expansion of Broadband Service

JB-Nets, LLC, Wireless Internet Provider in Gallia County Plans Expansion of Broadband Service

Officials with JB-Nets, LLC, announced plans to expand broadband access in Gallia County, which will provide wireless internet services to an additional 800 businesses and residents in southern Ohio.  The expansion plan by JB-Nets will include the construction of new broadband infrastructure, expansion of their headquarters and creation of three new full-time jobs.  

“Along with Jobs Ohio, we commend and are supportive of this expansion by JB-Nets to expand high-speed internet access to a broader area of southern Ohio,” said Mike Jacoby, President of Ohio SE. “This investment is a step forward in improving internet connectivity in southern Ohio that will give folks the ability to work remotely and improve the quality of life in our region.” 

JB-Nets was founded in 2002 with the goal to provide high-speed wireless internet to local residents and businesses in Gallia County.  “We are committed to providing broadband access to a growing geographic footprint in parts of southern Ohio,” stated Steve Kline of JB-Nets.  “This investment will provide Gallia county businesses the opportunity to allow their employees to work from home during these challenging times.”  

The Gallia County Economic Development Office is pleased to assist JB-Nets, LLC, with reaching the goal of expanding high-speed internet access to Southeastern Ohio. The need for rural broadband has never been more evident than it is now.  “We need it more than ever during these trying times, and expanding access of this critical infrastructure will help Gallia County prosper for years to come,” said Michele Throckmorton, Gallia County Economic Development Director. 

The project is assisted by a $25,000 Jobs Ohio Inclusion Grant to be applied toward building costs associated with the headquarters expansion. The Jobs Ohio Inclusion Grant provides financial support for eligible projects in designated distressed communities as well as for businesses owned by underrepresented populations across the state.

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