Upskill Your Workforce through TechCred

Upskill Your Workforce through TechCred

No matter what industry you work in, technology is having an impact on the future of your business and nature of your work.  TechCred helps Ohioans learn new skills and helps employers build a stronger workforce with the skills needed in a tech-infused economy.  Many of these trainings can be completed online!

What is TechCred?

The program funds up to 20,000 technology-focused credentials over the next two years.  For a credential to qualify, it:

  • Must be short-term, less than one year to complete
  • Must be technology-focused
  • Must be industry-recognized

What’s in it for employers?

We know that hiring tech talent is expensive.  TechCred helps employers take their dedicated workforce and make them their top tech talent. 

How do businesses get started?

  1. Identify skills needed and employees
  2. Partner with an education or training provider
  3. Apply online
  4. Enroll employees in the program
  5. Submit proof of credential eompletion
  6. Receive reimbursement for completed credentials
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