Economic Development Grant Funding Announced

Economic Development Grant Funding Announced

The Gallia County Commissioners announce that up to $200,000 in competitive grant funds are now available through the Southern Ohio Agricultural and Community Development Foundation (SOACDF) for job creating projects in the SOACDF’s nine county region.  

Public non-profits, political sub-divisions, and private sector business/ industries with job creation/ retention as a component may apply. SOACDF funds may be used for 1) Capital improvements, fixed assets or land acquisition where the end purpose is for manufacturing, distribution, warehousing or health care. 2) Certain technology, Research & Development, and /or innovating project types that foster job creation or retention and are not deemed too speculative in nature 3) Capital improvements in public or non-profit owned marketable industrial/ commercial properties that foster job creation or retention. 

SOACDF can provide grants for up to a maximum of 35% of total project costs based upon job creation or retention.  A maximum of up to $10,000 can be awarded for each year round full time job created or retained. 

Projects ineligible for funding include retail point of sale (excluding agribusiness), lodging, restaurants, day care facilities, personal care businesses, and others as defined by SOACDF. 

The complete Economic Development Grant Application Handbook can be found at  

For additional information, guidelines and submission deadlines, please contact Melissa Clark, Economic Development Director at 740-446-4612 ext. 271 or

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